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Goodbye old friend, Hello new one!

Trade-in your old device and get the latest Apple product at Switch! Save up to RM4,450 when you trade-in with us at outlet or via online!

Trade-in is available for more phone models which are not listed here. Please visit our outlets to find out more.

Calculate the value of your iPhone

Use our simulator to get on how much you have to pay for your new iPhone.

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For 12 Month

RM 0

For 24 Month

RM 0

For 36 Month

RM 0

For 24 Month(iPhone For everyone)

RM 0

What should I do before trade in?

Things that you should do before trade-in your old device

Backup your device.
Reset your device.
Final checking.

Before trading-in, be sure you do the things below.

Apple Devices

Remove Personal Information

Remove your personal information from your old device by signing out of iCloud and the iTunes & App Store.

Remove Trusted Old Devices

Remove your old device from your list of trusted devices.

Turn Off 'Find My'

Turn off Find My [device] on your Apple device.

Erase All Setting

Go to Settings and tap General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. If you turned on Find My [device], you might need to enter your Apple ID and password.

Android Devices

Remove Personal Information

Remove your personal information from your old device, sign out of accounts eg; Google, etc.

Erase All Setting

Erase all contents and settings in your smartphone or tablet.

How to trade-in?

Choose either online or retail trade-in your old device.

Steps For Online Trade In

  • Download “InstaCash” App into the device that you wish to trade-in.
  • Go through the diagnostics steps in the app, to determine the trade-in value & confirm it if the price is agreeable.
Step 1
  • At the Check-Out Step in “InstaCash”, select “Switch – Online Store” as the pay-out method.
  • Once confirmed, “InstaCash” will contact you and collected the device from your desired address within 24 hours.
Step 2
Select 'Switch - Online Store'
  • You will receive the “Coupon Code” from us via email within 24 hours, after the trade-in process is completed.
Step 3
Get your code
  • Use the Coupon to shop in our Switch Online Store! Simply key in the Coupon Code in the Checkout Page for the total value to be deducted from the trade in value.
Step 4
Use the code

Price List For Online Trade In

Steps For Retail Trade In

  • Visit your nearest Switch outlet.
Step 1
Visit our outlet
  • Our Crew will diagnose the device.
Step 2
Trade in your old device and shopping for your new device at Switch!
  • You will receive the “Coupon Code” from us via email within 24 hours, after the trade-in process is completed.
Step 3
Trade & Shopping

Frequently Asked Questions And Terms & Conditions

How does it work?

We’ve made it easy to trade-in an eligible device either in a Switch outlet or online.
For outlet trade-in, get instant credit toward a purchase that you have to use on the same receipt.
For online trade-in, follow the easy steps above and download InstaCash App. (Online trade-in is only available for Peninsular Malaysia)

What devices are eligible for trade-in?

Selected smartphones and tablets are able to trade-in, depending on the device, model, manufacturer, and condition.
For online and outlet trade-in prices, please tap the link provided above.

What is InstaCash App?

InstaCash App is an online, instant mobile selling platform to sell used smartphones and tablets.

How long does the online trade-in process take?

It generally takes only 3 days.
The first day is for you to do the diagnose on your phone, the second day is the collection, and you will be receiving the coupon code on the third day.

How do I pack my device for online trade-in?

All you need to prepare is the smartphone or tablet. The accessories and box is not needed.
Pick up will be arranged by our trade-in partner (InstaCash), from the location that you have pre-set.

After my device is picked up, what’s next?

24 hours after your device has been collected, you will receive an email confirmation.
The email will state your device trade-in value, credited via a “coupon code”.

How long is the online coupon code validity?

The coupon code is valid for 30 days only upon receiving the confirmation email.

Where can I use the coupon code?

The coupon code can only be used at upon check out.

What can I purchase with the coupon code?

You may only use the coupon code for only selected Apple devices, which are iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac. Apple Watch and AirPods will be included later.

Is there a way to track my online trade-in status?

Yes, once the trade-in is confirmed, you may check the InstaCash App for the trade-in status.

Simply pass your smartphone or tablet to our Switcher.
Should you agree with the quoted trade-in value of your device, you MUST use the credited trade-in value on the same receipt.

  • Online Trade-in is only available for selected smartphones and tablets.
  • Online Trade-in requires internet / wifi connection for the diagnostics process to be completed and submitted.
  • Coupon code is valid for the duration of 30 days after receiving email from us.
  • Coupon code may can only be used at, you need to insert the coupon code upon check out.
  • All devices will undergo a thorough inspection before being accepted for trade-in.
  • Price for “cracked-screen” devices will be provided on the crew has perform inspection.
  • Kindly take note that price may differ from the table above, depending on the extent of damage.
  • Trade-in device must be able to be powered on or it will not be accepted.
  • Trade-in devices must remove SIM or Find My [device] or Google ID lock before passing it over for inspection.
  • Customer may trade in their device to purchase any item from the Retail Outlet: iPhones, iPod, Mac, Apple Watch, Beats or Accessories.
  • Customers are only required to bring in their smartphone or tablet. The box and cable aren’t required.
  • No multiple devices are allowed for trade-in to purchase one single item.
  • Trade-in is stackable with in-store promotions.
  • Switch reserves the right to amend the terms and condition at any time without prior notice.
  • For more information, kindly seek the help of our Switchers at the outlet.